i n H A L E

Selected Repertoire

Amirkhanian, Charles : Church Car
Bieniek, Matthew : Derosion II
Burns, Christopher : Knot Theory ii
Calderoni, Caterina : Scaglie
Dusman, Linda : An Unsubstantial Territory
Edwards, Ross : Ecstatic Dances
Erber, James : Trattenimento da Camera
Feldman, Morton : Trio for Flutes
Fonville, John : Mong Songs
Gasser, Ulrich : Spiel im Duftenden Garten
Glass, Philip : Music in the shape of a square
Griffin, Sean : Pattycake
Karski, Dominik : Glimmer
Liang, Lei : Lake
Nillni, Ricardo : Floutee
Pecquet, Frank : Distraction
Rigler, Jane : círculo en fuga (2006) for two flutes and electronics
Rigler, Jane : Two Seaming
Saunders Smith, Stuart : Women in Meeting
Sollberger, Harvey : Two Pieces for Two Flutes
Takemitsu, Toru : Masque for two flutes
White, Frances : The sound of the bell as it leaves the bell (from Three Small Pieces)

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